Bali Weight Loss Retreat Program Starts 1st June 2018

Bali Weight LossThe month of June is soon approaching and this is the month when the weight loss retreat is organized in Bali. The Bali Weight Loss Retreat Program Starts 1st June 2018 as confirmed by the officials and it will be launched with new proprietary cleanse formulated in Switzerland. So, people who are looking for complete rejuvenation and detoxification or a simple vacation for losing their weight must opt for this weight loss program in Bali which will be organized in June 2018.

The Bali Weight Loss Retreat Program is organized and ruin by popular retreat leader Sophie Jones who organizes the program for weight loss and comprehensive detoxification using the herbal medicines and the traditional chemise medicines. The launch of the program is scheduled on April 2018, but due to unforeseen circumstances the dates for the program has been rescheduled to June 2018. According to the organizer this is the time which they wanted to do something special and get back to the roots and this is the reason why the dates have been rescheduled from April to June. She was confirms that people who will undergo this program would benefit largely and they will get chance to work with the TCM specialists in Switzerland. They have developed many cleanses methods that are worth considering.

You might have heard about the healing properties of the natural foods and herbs in TCM. The western medicines are also catching up with not only the Chinese herbs which are being used but also other herbs which are available for treatment like Acupuncture and more which are now available on NHS.

The program also incorporates a variety of herbal medicines, practices and treatments that are inspired from the Chinese Medicine and included in the program. This can bring incredible results with the clients according to Sophie Jones. She also stated that they are excited about the launching of the new retreat center in Ubud Bali which is considered to be the perfect place for guests who want to leave behind the old life and start a new lifestyle with new healthy habits.

Many people from across the world have already booked the Bali Weight Loss Retreat Program and some of the guests have also shared their experience and said that they will surely attend the Bali Weight Loss Retreat Program as they have enjoyed the previous year retreat program organized by Sophie. They are excited about the new launches in the program for detoxification and weight loss.